Offering cost effective medical solutions to global clients by relentless dedication.


“To become the first Indian Multinational Corporation in the field of Hemostats by 2020 with the host of world class products by working closely with technology sources, strategic partnerships, user surgeons, motivated and dedicated workforce.”


Angel Life Science is committed to offer cost effective solutions to suffering Mankind through quality and reliable products by Product innovations, continual improvement, measurement and monitoring of effectiveness of our Quality Management System to meet the country specific applicable statutory and regulatory requirements with the active participation of trained, dedicated, satisfied and motivated quality workforce”.

Doctor’s Panel

A doctor within a given area available for consultation by patients insured under the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Angel Life Science Products

Design, Development Manufacture and Marketing of Surgical Haemostatic Sponges, Absorbable Haemostats and Haemostatic Dressings.

Our Product

Absorbable Gelatin Sponge

ANGISPONGE is sterile, gelatin based foam, intended for application to bleeding surfaces as haemostatic during surgery. It is fast, safe and effective haemostatic sponge having well established clinical safety profile. It effectively stops all kinds of oozing blood, faster than natural clotting process. ANGISPONGE is manufactured from highly purified gelatin (collagen derived protein). It is biodegradable (metabolised by proteolytic enzymes) and completely absorb in body within 4-6 weeks. The product is gamma sterilized. For detailed uses, mechanism of action, precautions, contraindications

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